What to Do on Maui - Ulalena Maui at the Historic Maui Theatre

Have you ever planned a trip to a new destination, and had trouble finding things to do once you arrive? Though some places might be short of fun activities, there are nearly endless answers to the question, what is there to do on Maui. The island is full of fun and adventure, and you will probably need to plan a return trip to fit everything that you want to do in.

The nighttime hours are often overlooked for activities as most spend their days in the sun, or exploring, and once darkness falls, the group is either too worn out to do anything else, or time is spent just relaxing and enjoying an evening at dinner and drinks. But there are great activities to take part in, and in addition to the authentic Hawaiian Luau, you have great choices.

So, what is there to do on Maui? How about an evening show at one of the most iconic venues in Hawaii, with a great story, thrilling entertainment, and an action packed show that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The show is Ulalena, and it takes places at the historic Maui Theatre. The iconic venue is located right in the heart of Lahaina. The setting is the perfect location for a show, and we don't mean the actual venue. With a close proximity to all of the action in Lahaina, you can easily make an entire evening out on the town, with the cool ocean breeze coming in off of the nearby water.

Throughout the show, the performance mesmerizes with highflying acrobatics and storytelling that dates back to ancient Hawaii, plus features incredible live musi and dancing that ties the entire show together. The acrobatics create a setting unlike any other show in Hawaii, and are reminiscent of the performance of Cique du Soleil, bringing aerial dancing and stunts into the story and helping to shape the performance.

Inside the historic theatre, the craftsmanship is apparent as soon as youenter, and the view from the lower level to the balconies shows off the charm and character of the venue. Though the theatre is quite cozy, it is a great place to enjoy a show, and hosts a majority of the events that come to Maui. Performers from around the world have put on a show here, and many local events take place at the theatre throughout the year.

Ulalena is quite the departure from the traditional Hawaiian show, and is one of the highest rated shows in Hawaii. It is considered to be more of an exhibit of art than a show, and the combination of music and storytelling is an authentic experience that is only found in Hawaii.

Despite there being so much to do on the island, this is just one answer to the question of “what is there to do on Maui?” An evening at the historic Maui Theatre is the perfect setting for a show, and Ulalena brings to life the history of Hawaii, through powerful storytelling and captivating performance. You will love every moment of the show and will love the historic Maui Theatre as well. Make an entire evening of it with dinner and a show in Lahaina, a great night out and the answer to what is there to do on Maui.

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