Ulalena Maui at the Historic Maui Theatre

As amazing as the actual show is, the setting for Ulalena takes it to an entirely new level. Located in Lahaina, the town itself is really neat, plus add in the character and the charm of the Maui Theatre, and the setting of Ulalena has made the show a definite must during your trip.

During the show, the audience is mesmerized by highflying acrobatics and storytelling, plus incredible live music and dancing. The acrobatics are reminiscent of shows life Cique du Soleil, fitting aerial dancing and stunts into the story and helping to shape the story, in the case of Ulalena, telling the story of various arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands over the years.

Once inside the historic Maui Theatre, the craftsmanship is very apparent, from the lower level to the balconies, the beauty is incredible. Though the theatre is quite cozy, it is a great place to catch a show, and hosts a variety of events that come to Maui. Past performances at the theatre include local favorite Jack Johnson and popular comedian Bill Engval, plus ongoing shows like Ulalena and “Burnin’ Love,” featuring the music of the iconic Elvis Presley.

Ulalena is quite the departure from the traditional Hawaiian Luau, and is widely considered to be an exhibit of fine art, combining music and storytelling in a way that only Hawaii can. The traditional Hawaiian Hula is prevalent throughout the show, but is not the only dancing that is featured, making this show one of a kind. Add in traditional Hawaiian music and this show is taken to another level!

The historic Maui Theatre is the perfect setting for this amazing show, and helps to really bring to life the history of Hawaii, capturing the arrivals of voyagers and how they have helped to shape the islands. Ulalena at the historic Maui Theatre is the perfect evening and the best show on the island. You will love every moment and will love the Maui Theatre as well. Make an entire evening of it with dinner and a show in Lahaina, a fitting location for this incredible show.  

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