Ulalena has closed and is no longer available. Book other discount Maui activities here.

Maui’s Best Night Show – Ulalena!

There is certainly no debating, the hottest ticket on Maui is to Ulalena, the captivating night show that audiences can’t get enough of. Taking place at the historic Maui Theatre, Ulalena combines the traditional storytelling of Hawaii with live performances, music, and acrobatics, creating a show unlike any other. Fun for the entire family, Ulalena is the best show on the island, and one that any visitor will want to attend.

Before the show even starts, the Maui Theatre sets the tone for an evening of fun. Located in Lahaina, the theatre is the best venue on the island, and is the place to go for any concert or live performance. Though small in size, the theatre packs in the history, and just being inside the iconic theater is a treat.

Once the show starts, the fun is instantaneous. The performers are true artists, and tell the story of the various waves of arrivals to Hawaii throughout the years. Beginning with the original Polynesian voyagers and continuing all the way to present day, the story of the discovery of Hawaii is told using the traditional methods of storytelling that have been passed through generations. Bringing the story of Hawaii to life is an important tale, and one that has helped to shape the islands as we know and love them today.

The most intriguing part of this unique show is the acrobatics, giving the show flare and added intrigue. The performance is similar to Cirque du Solieil and makes this a truly unique experience.

Operating 4 days a week, Ulalena has quickly become the best show on Maui, and a hot ticket for locals and visitors. The show is straight out of Las Vegas, and will be a great choice for a night on Maui. Head into Lahaina, and take in the show, followed by dinner on Front Street, creating a great evening for your trip.

Ulalena is great for all ages, and will deepen your love for Hawaii, through an incredible display of storytelling and amazing acrobatics. The performance shapes the show and creates an evening that you will not for get.

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