Top Things to Do on Maui

With all that there is to do on the charming island of Maui, you may be in search of a little help. The choices can be overwhelming at times, and determining what to do can lead to more questions than answers. The top things to do on Maui will help you to have the best trip possible, get you acquainted with the island, and show off just how great the island is.

The top things to do on Maui take place outdoors, taking advantage of the most perfect weather on the planet. Lush rainforests are filled with great hiking trails that lead to hidden waterfalls and freshwater pools, or just set you out for adventure while exploring the jungle-like atmosphere that makes up the interior of the island.

Of course, the ocean is always calling and the activities that take place in the water are near endless. Surfing is the national pastime of Hawaii and there is always a break with a wave or two to ride. Everyone from beginners to experts take advantage of the great surf in Hawaii, and learning to surf during a trip to the islands is always fun.

Beneath the surface, the snorkeling on Maui is among the best in all of Hawaii. The underwater rock formations that were created during violent volcanic eruptions provide a mystifying world for fish to hide and make their homes, and provide amazing scenery for snorkeling. The islet of Molokini is located just off the coast of Maui and is a must for any visitors looking for a snorkeling adventure.

Once the sun sets, there are still plenty of great things to do. Many visitors choose an authentic Hawaiian Luau for one of their nighttime activities, and a Sunset Dinner Cruise on a different night. Both are great options and will be a ton of fun for your vacation.

An up and coming favorite is the stage show “Ulalena” at the historic Lahaina Theatre. A thrilling story that tells the story of Hawaii throughout the years, Ulalena combines traditional Hawaiian storytelling, live music, dancing, and high-flying acrobatics that always has the audience captivated.

With all of the great things to do on Maui, there is no shortage of options to fill your time on the island. Maui is an incredible vacation destination and will create cherished memories that you will surely be able to reminisce on for many years. Be sure to have plenty of fun and take advantage of all that there is to do.

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