Top Rated Maui Entertainment

By day, Maui is filled with adventure and sightseeing, with many of the most beautiful natural sites that you will ever encounter. From the far side of Hana to the summit of Haleakala, Maui will take your breath away, and the entire island is open for exploration.

After a day of adventure and sightseeing, you’ll be looking for something fun to do at night. The island does feature many incredible restaurants, and the nightlife along Front St. is well known for the late night crowd. Some prefer a low-key evening at their hotel, watching the sunset from the beach, and just enjoying the quiet evening and nighttime hours.

The activities at night are somewhat limited, with sunset dinner cruises and authentic luaus available, though those activities are generally only done once, leaving at least a few nights where you might be looking for something fun to do. Luckily for you, there are night shows available, and this top rated Maui entertainment is a great addition to any trip, and a great addition for all ages.

Four nights a week, the show takes place at the historic Maui Theatre, generally recognized as the best venues on Maui, and features incredible live performances. The show is “Ulalena”, and combines traditional Hawaiian storytelling with high-flying acrobatics, and singing and dancing that help to shape the story. The music pulls you in, the storytelling keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the overall performance brings it all together for the perfect show.

Many world-renowned artists have performed at the historic theatre. Located in Lahaina, the theatre is quaint, with not a bad seat in the house. The show features 4 different seating packages, and with only 680 seats available for each performance, seats go very quickly.

Of all the Maui shows and evening entertainment, Ulalena is easily the most family friendly. Lasting for only 90 minutes, kids are able to sit through the entire performance, and will love everything about the show. Once the show starts, the story begins and captivates the audience, sharing the story of the arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands throughout the years. The history of Hawaii is unique, and Ulalena shares with the audience the impact of each series of arrivals, and how each has shaped the islands into the Hawaii as we know it today.

You do not want to miss this incredible show, and with limited performances and seating, this show will sell out. Be sure to reserve your seats well in advance so you are sure to have one of your evenings planned with top rated Maui entertainment.

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