What To Do on Maui? Enjoy Maui’s Top Evening Show

When the sun sets and another day in paradise draws to an end, the island of Maui seems to go to sleep. Sure, There are things going on, like an evening on the town, or a great dinner one of the island’s best restaurants, but there seems to be a lack of fun activities for visitors on Maui at night. Aside from the occasional concert, the options for evening entertainment are quite limited.

Luckily, we have the perfect evening activity for you, and the perfect addition for your vacation, something to do at night that will put an exclamation point on your day in paradise. Of course, we’re talking about Ulalena; Maui’s top evening show, and one of the answers to “what to do on Maui?”

Ulalena takes place at the historic Maui Theatre and is one of the most thrilling live shows available in all of Hawaii, showcasing high flying acrobatics, live music and dancing, and tells the captivating story of the history of the Hawaiian Islands. The historic Maui Theatre, is a cozy venue in Lahaina, right on Front St., putting you in the perfect place to enjoy an evening on Maui’s most popular street.

The show itself is a must, and bringing to life the history of Hawaii, in a much different way than the story is typically told. Though the shows and luaus around Hawaii do an amazing job of sharing the island’s history, Ulalena has found a unique combination that brings the storytelling to a whole new level, and the dazzling acrobatics, humor, and performances help this show to stand out from all the rest.

Hawaiian traditional is strong, and one of its foundations is through song and dance, both of which are prominently feature in the show, but with quite the twist. Instead of sticking to the traditions that we are so accustomed to, Ulalena combines the Hula with modern dance, creating an impressive display of entertainment, while staying true to Hawaiian roots. The accompanying music fits perfectly and the story telling brings it all together, creating an incredible show that you will not want to miss.

Ulalena has quickly become one of the top things to do on Maui and is an absolute must for any trip to the island. The highflying show is non-stop entertainment and is something that everyone will enjoy. The setting is perfect, the venue unmatched, and creates a perfect backdrop for the acrobatics and performances. So the answer to the question “what to do on Maui” is clearly take in Maui’s top evening show, Ulalena!

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