Spending a Day on Maui

Everybody has a different idea of the perfect day for a vacation. Some would choose to lounge on the beach and relax, while others want to get out and explore the island, and each is very appropriate for your trip. Unfortunately, vacations are short, and there is usually so much to do that you don’t get to fit it all in. This forces you to make tough decisions or rush around trying to get everything done. This made us think, what’s one way to spend a day on Maui?

Hopefully your trip is long enough that you are able to enjoy plenty of days and won’t have to miss anything, but just in case, here’s how to enjoy just one day on Maui, taking advantage of the best things that Maui has to offer.

First, kick off your day with some of the island’s natural beauty. Wake up early and head up to Haleakala for the most incredible sunrise you will ever see. The summit is 10,000 feet above sea level and at this elevation, you can nearly the entire island below. As the sun breaks over the horizon, Maui reveals itself, and the views of the volcano are breathtaking. Though this requires an extremely early rise, it leaves the rest of the day wide open.

Following the sunrise, you’ll be hungry, so be sure to stop in Pa’ia for breakfast. This quaint town offers plenty of great choices from locally owned eateries.

At this point there is quite a bit of the day left, and you’re likely going to be in need of a nap soon, due to your early rise, so head for the beach for a bit of reset and relaxation. This will allow you to soak up the sun and enjoy the best beaches in the world, and still get in a nap! Be sure to grab some lunch, perhaps a Poke bowl and spend the day unwinding.

By this time, most of the day is behind you and after a day on the beach and a nice nap, it’s time for nighttime activities. While there are plenty of options, for an evening on the town, a show like Ulalena is the perfect choice and is one of the most unique shows you will ever see. Taking place at the historic Maui Theatre, Ulalena combines live performances, singing, and dancing, while telling an important story. The show is about 90 minutes long, so afterwards, you’ll have time for dinner and drinks while taking in Lahaina.

How do you plan to spend a day on Maui?

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