Maui’s Nightlife – Shows and Entertainment

As night falls on Maui, the energy changes and the island settles. Gone are the exciting daytime activities and the thrilling adventures that dominate hours in the sun. Generally, by the time the sunsets, many visitors have had quite the day. But the nighttime doesn’t have to be a bore, and Maui’s nightlife features plenty of fun things to do, offering more for visitors to take part in and enjoy.

A luau is one of the most popular nighttime activities, and for good reason. Taking place near the water, the setting for a luau is perfect, and the evenings are always a great time. With a delicious feast and live entertainment, it is easy to see why a luau is one of the must do nighttime activities on the island.

Aside from a luau, night shows offer another great option for dark, and the choices on Maui are among the best in Hawaii. One of the top shows, and easily one of our favorites, is Ulalena at the historic Maui Theatre. The show tells the story of the voyagers that have arrived to Hawaii over the years, and shares a different vantage on the various settlers that have arrived in Hawaii.

Combining live music, dancing, and daring acrobatics, Ulalena tells a captivating story that has helped to shape the culture of the Hawaian Islands. An evening spent at this show takes the audience on a magical journey into Hawaii’s myths and legends, and is a can’t miss show while visiting the island.

Another great show to take in is ‘Burnin Love’ a show that is filled with the music and performance of Elvis Presley. One of the most important performers to ever live, Elvis was a frequent visitor to Hawaii, and many of his hit movies and songs were filmed, recorded, or about the islands. Both Burnin Love and Ulalena take place at the historic Maui Theatre, located in the heart of Lahaina. The premiere venue on the island, the historic theatre is quaint, and is the perfect setting for these shows.  

The good times don't have to stop just because the sun goes down. Maui’s nightlife, evening shows, and top notch entertainment will be a great part of any trip to the island, and with a little planning, a night out on the island can be a time you will not forget. The weather is perfect at night, and the island takes on a whole new life that you must experience.

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