Maui Shows and Luaus

When you experience the Hawaiian Islands, and we mean really experience everything they have to offer, Hawaii becomes part of you, and getting the islands out of your system is nearly impossible. You’ll be craving the sunshine, the perfect beaches, and the hidden adventure waiting around every corner. And one thing that leaves the biggest impression is the amazing shows and luaus that are found on each island.

On Maui, the shows and luaus are among the best in all of Hawaii, and bring to life the rich culture, traditions, and history of the islands. Each luau offers its own flare, from live music and dancing, to performances and activities. Each offers a delicious feast that is filled with local favorites and will have you heading back to the buffet line for seconds. Once the show starts, you’ll be amazed at the precision with which the dancers and performers entertain, and we see a lot of the audience dancing in their seats before the show is over.

The island also features a different kind of evening entertainment. Once that deviates from the traditional luau, and features storytelling and performances that will leave you in awe.

Picture this: the live music that is found at traditional luaus, combined with hula and traditional dancing, but throw in high flying acrobatics that you’d find at a show like Cirque du Solei. And if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, throw in a captivating story that takes you through the entire history of Hawaii, starting with the first arrival of ocean voyagers, and concluding with the present day Hawaiian Islands that draw visitors from all over the world. And on top of all of that, add in the setting of the historic Maui Theatre.

The show that we’re talking about is Ulalena, and seats for this incredible show are available, though limited. Performances take place 4 days a week in the town of Lahaina, and the show is the perfect end to a day on Maui. 3 different seating options are available, and the 90-minute show will have your attention during the duration of the performance.

There is no other show like this in Hawaii so reserve your tickets and get ready for pure entertainment. The show is a can’t miss, and is quickly becoming the most popular event on Maui.

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