The History of Lahaina

Today, the town of Lahaina is known as the hub of activity on Maui, where all the action takes place, and a street where all of the activity goes down. For instance, the 4th of July will feature a day of fun along Front St., with many vendors on hand, great food, and of course a dazzling fireworks display at night.

Throughout the years, Lahaina has always been a central part of Hawaii, dating back to the 1700s when Maui was conquered as part of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands. Then, Lahaina was the royal capital of Maui Loa. Following the unification of the islands, Lahaina served as the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1820-1845, when the capital was moved to Honolulu on Oahu.

Even in those days, the town was bustling, and long served as the center of the whaling industry for the entire Pacific. The harbor served ships from all over the world, and the town offered a place for the sailors to unwind. Even today, Lahiana’s Front St., is the place to spend time, with many of the islands most well know restaurants and great shops located here. Visitors are known to spend days just enjoying the scenery, and checking out everything that the town has to offer.

While in town, many visitors begin seeking out something to do, or a just a break from being outside. Though the weather in Hawaii is the best in the world, a break from the sun every now and then is often needed.

One of Lahaina’s top things to do is to enjoy a show at the historic Maui Theatre. Shows take place at the theatre year round, and feature performances of all kinds, from local high schools to world-renowned artists, and everything in between. And one of the most popular shows takes place 4 days a week, with highflying performances and music, combined with traditional storytelling. The show is Ulalena, and you can enjoy the show during your trip to Maui.

The great thing about the show is that it allows you to grab dinner and drinks before or after, and take in a great performance during your trip. Ulalena tells the story of Hawaii, bring the history of the islands front and center.

The more you learn and discover about Lahaina, the more you will love the town, and the island. The history is rich, and the town itself features so many things to do and things to see. You will love exploring Lahaina, and are sure to enjoy your time spent here.

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