Celebrating Hawaiian Culture at Hawaii Evening Shows

Though Hawaii is famous for its incredible beaches and scenery, plus fun-filled activities and great sightseeing, there is also rich history and culture that is as important as anything in Hawaii. The earliest arrivals to the islands date all the way back to the 800’s, and from those earliest arrivals, Hawaii continues to draw its heritage and culture that continue to play a prominent role in the everyday life of Hawaiians.

Part of the rich history and culture are the facets of storytelling that share the legends of ancient Hawaii. Storytelling is a traditional form of entertainment, combining song, dance, music, and performance to share important pieces of history, keeping the beliefs of ancient Hawaii alive and well to this day. While visiting Hawaii, this important way of life will be prevalent, from a traditional luau to live music taking place during happy hour at a hotel.

Through song and dance, stories are told and historical events shared. With interpretive movements accompanying songs, the past is kept alive and well, with everything from the earliest arrivals to the islands to the legend of Maui’s creation being told. These songs and dance have been passed down through generations, bringing to life the events that have shaped the islands and ensuring the traditions continue to be shared with future generations.

While visiting Maui, taking in the evening show Ulalena brings to life nearly the entire history of Hawaii, from the first arrivals to the islands all the way to today. The various waves of arrivals to the islands, and the re-discovery of the islands have made a lasting impression and each discovery influenced the culture of the islands. Though the culture of ancient Hawaii is the most important, there are many different influences that have changed and shaped Hawaii into what we know today.

Ulalena is one of the top shows in Hawaii, mixing traditional storytelling, song, and dance with modern day entertainment that captivates and dazzles. High-flying acrobatic performance perfectly compliments traditional methods, creating an experience that is second to none.  With each new arrival to the islands, the story of Hawaii changes, and Ulalena shares the importance of each in a truly unique way.

Hawaiian culture is quite special and as you become more and more familiar, you’ll have a great appreciation for the islands. A show like Ulalena is the perfect introduction into the long and storied history, traditions, and customs of Hawaii, and a great show for an evening on Maui.

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