5 Fun Activities on Maui

It is no secret that are some really fun activities on Maui. The island is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and as a popular choice for travelers, the options for activities have become some of the most exciting you can find. In fact, some of the most popular activities in Hawaii are only found on Maui, meaning you have the opportunity to enjoy incredible things to do while visiting the beautiful island.

Here are 5 fun activities on Maui, each offering a different experience, and providing hours of fun during your vacation.

Haleakala Sunrise Tour
The idea of waking in the early hours of the morning during your vacation may not seem like fun, but you have to trust us on this one. You’ll drive in the dark up to the summit of Haleakala and wait for the sun to break over the horizon. Once it does, you will not believe your eyes. The beauty of the island is revealed as the sun rises higher in the sky, and the stunning colors of the dormant volcano are a sight to behold.

This is one of those activities that you can become hooked on. Frequent zipliners seek out courses when they travel and are always looking for the most thrilling lines. On this fun adventure, you’ll trek deep into the rainforest and soar through the trees with lines getting longer, and higher, and the thrills getting more and more exciting. Along the course, you’ll see the endemic plants of Maui and learn about the island’s natural habitat.

Night Shows and Luaus
The fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Head out for a night of entertainment and some of the most fun you will have during your trip. Authentic Hawaiian Luaus are a must for any trip, and night shows like Ulalena allow for a night on the town, with a show, dinner, and drinks or dessert making for a fun night.

Maui features two of the most popular snorkeling spots in Hawaii, where colorful fish and tropical marine life make their homes. Molokini is the crescent shaped islet off the island’s coast and is a great place to spend a morning snorkeling. Turtle Arches is found along the coast, appropriately named for the many turtles that are found here, along with many different types of fish.

Beach Time
One activity that you will not be able to get enough of is relaxing and playing at the beach. Maui’s beaches cannot be beat and will be the place that you want to spend as much time as possible. An entire day can be spent on the sand, taking in the scenery and enjoying the perfect water temperature.

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