Exploring the History of Hawaii

The history of Hawaii is an incredible story, told through many years of trials, tribulations, struggles, and tragedy. All over the Hawaiian Islands, historically significant locations and landmarks can be found, sharing important chapters in the history of the islands, and bringing to life the entire story of Hawaii. Each and every event has helped to shape the islands in some way, and every single event adds to the unique history of Hawaii

Though the history of Hawaii is often tragic and filled with sadness and grief, there are very proud moments that are held very dearly to residents of the islands. These events are marked throughout Hawaii with special days and events that are dedicated to the remembrance and honoring of the past. With such a unique history and many stories to share, finding a place to share the stories, both good and bad, is vital to the preservation of the years gone by. 

The place where the history of Hawaii is shared on Maui is at the thrilling show “Ulalena”, a dazzling performance that brings to life Hawaii’s history, depicting the various waves of arrivals to the islands by settlers from many different backgrounds and cultures. In addition to the perfect storytelling, the show tales place at the historic Maui Theatre, and combines many different aspects of traditional Hawaii storytelling including music, dance, and storytelling, while adding in high-flying acrobatics, creating a show unlike any other.

While visiting Hawaii, you’re going to encounter historic sites, and anytime spent here is going to show you the various cultures that make up the island. Seeing how the islands have been discovered multiple times gives great insight into the unique culture of the Hawaiian Islands. From the earliest Polynesian voyagers to Captain Cook, and the arrivals from the Mainland USA, Hawaii has always been defined by its diversity, and learning the effects of each arrival is sure to deepen your love for the islands.

Not only is this one of the most popular shows in Hawaii, it does an incredible job of sharing the history of Hawaii, keeping the spirit of the past alive and ensuring that the most important points in time are preserved. Tickets go very quickly for Ulalena, and in a setting like the Maui Theatre, seats are quite limited. Be sure to make your reservations today for this important and fun show.

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