Maui Shows and Evening Entertainment

After a day of exploring the island of Maui, you will nee something to do to fill the evening hours. Aside from setting out for dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants on the island, what is there to do?

Not only does Maui feature a number of fantastic luaus, it also has some of the best stage shows in Hawaii, with live music, acrobatics, dancing, and storytelling all wrapped into one great evening. And the show is just the right length, leaving you plenty of time to catch dinner afterwards.

Taking place at the historic Maui Theatre, the show is called “Ulalena”, and combines the ancient art of Hawaiian storytelling with acrobatics that are reminiscent of Cirque du Soleli, and live singing and dancing that help to tell the story. If the music isn’t enough to grab your attention, the acrobatics and high-flying performance surely will be enough to.

The setting of the Maui Theatre is enough to bring in the crowds. Located in Lahaina, the theatre has hosted many shows and concerts over the years, making it one of the best places on the island to enjoy an evening of entertainment. And once you’ve seen Ulalena, you will know why.

Of all the Maui shows and evening entertainment, Ulalena is perhaps the most family friendly. At just about 90 minutes, the kids will be able to sit through the entire performance, and will love everything about the show, with the most impressive being the acrobatics and aerial stunts. And once the show starts, the story begins, sharing the story of the many waves of arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands over the years. The intriguing history shows the audience the impact of each set of arrivals, and how each has shaped the islands into the Hawaii that we know and love today.

Seating inside the Maui Theatre is limited, and the demand for Ulalena is high. Combined with the fact that the performances are limited to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and tickets are known to go very fast. Be sure to reserve your seats in advance. You wont want to miss this fantastic show.

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