Date Night on Maui

Of all the groups that travel to Maui, couples are among the most common. Sometimes, the couple includes a young child or two, and sometimes it is just a couple that is looking for a getaway. Newlyweds on their honeymoon, dating couples, and couples that have been married for years all make the journey to the island, looking for a little romance, and always in need of something to do. Date night on Maui is a very popular evening activity, and finding the right things to do to make the night complete is always a hot topic.

Suggestions from new friends, concierge, or even a friendly local are always welcome, and advice is always top notch, especially when it comes from someone who is familiar with the island. Our favorite date night on Maui includes a variety of things to do, and hits all the major categories for a complete evening: a meal, entertainment, and a nightcap.

For starters, you’ll want to find a great restaurant to eat at. There are so many on the island, and if you are looking for something very fancy, consider checking out one of the great options at the resorts around the island. Really, dinner and entertainment are interchangeable, and it just depends on when you want to eat.

If you choose to eat after the entertainment portion of the evening, you’ll probably want to grab an appetizer to hold you over. The town of Lahaina has so many options for a quick bite before the fun starts.

The entertainment part of date night on Maui is the main event, and always a ton of fun. Our suggestion is to head to the Maui Theatre for “Ulalena,” the top-rated show that is the talk of the island. Telling the story of the various arrivals to the island, Ulalena combines storytelling, music, dance, and acrobatics to create a one of a kind atmosphere. The show is very popular, and a great choice for an evening’s entertainment.

Following dinner and a show, a nightcap is in order. Front Street in Lahaina is the place for a cocktail, and there are plenty of choices. Whether you choose a busy bar or a quiet lounge, you can find them on Front Street, and there are even great bars in the resorts and hotels around the island, making many choices for a place to grab a nightcap, rounding out a perfect date night on Maui.

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