Celebrating Hawaiian Culture at Hawaii Evening Shows

As much as Hawaii is known for amazing scenery, picturesque beaches, and tons of fun activities, the islands are also known for its storied history and culture. Dating all the way back to approximately 800AD, the history of the islands carries on today, and the traditions and customs of ancient Hawaii and the earliest arrivals to the islands are found in every day life of modern Hawaii.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of all ancient traditions is the story telling and legends that have carried on through the years. The important events and beliefs of ancient Hawaii are practiced today, everything from long held day-to-day practices to major events like the formation of the islands remain at the center of Hawaiian culture. A visit to the islands will always include some of these stories, and understanding their importance to Hawaii will help you to understand the long history of the islands.

One of the best places to learn the history and legends of Hawaii are at an evening show or authentic Hawaiian Luau. While a luau is the more traditional and interactive approach to learning the history of the islands, and evening show such as Ulalena on Maui will tell the stories of the various waves of arrivals to the islands. Everything from the first ocean voyagers traveling to the islands in outrigger canoes to the controversial overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii has played an integral role in shaping the islands, and understanding these events will surely deepen your love of the islands.

Ulalena is a unique show in that it is filled with great live performances, combing the traditional storytelling of ancient Hawaii with modern day practices, and live music. Add in highflying acrobatics like those found in Cirque du Soleil and this show is unlike anything in Hawaii. Ulalena is one of the up and coming things to do in Hawaii, and is an evening well spent on Maui.

Celebrate the history of Hawaii and the traditions of the island with an evening of entertainment. Take an evening to stroll the streets of Lahaina and take in an amazing evening show, showcasing storytelling and live performances, and a sure hit for all ages. You will not want to miss this.

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