All About Ulalena – Maui’s Top Show

The captivating show that has Maui buzzing, and has quickly become the top show in all of Hawaii, is Ulalena. Taking place at the historic Maui Theatre, Ulalena tells the story of the various arrivals to the Hawaii Islands, and share the story of Hawaii’s development into the destination that we know and love today. Combining the traditional storytelling of ancient Hawaii with modern day music and performance, Ulalena is an inspiring 90-minute show that will be one of your favorite activities while visiting the island.

If you’re considering making reservations to see the thrilling show “Ulalena,”, then there are a few things that you will want to know about the venue, the show, and your options when it comes to attending the show. Knowing your options will help you to plan things out a little, and give you a better experience heading into the event.

The Maui Theatre plays host to Ulalena, and offers 4 seating options, with each section offering a different prices and even bonus inclusions. Available sections for Ulalena at the historic Maui Theatre are:

Silver Seating – Located in the last row of the theatre (row 12).  
Gold Seating – Located in the back half of the theatre (rows 8-11).
Platinum Seating – Located in the front half of the theatre (rows 1-7).
Diamond Seating – Includes VIP Seating and Lounge Area, and a small drink and popcorn.

Ulalena performances are limited to 4 nights a week, creating a high demand for tickets and selling out on most nights. Maui Theatre is a quaint setting, and seating is limited to a maximum capacity of 680, making the need to book seats in advance a must. Locals and visitors love this show, so demand is always at a premium.

The show starts at 5:00pm, and the duration is 90 minutes, leaving time for a great dinner and a night on the town afterwards.

Days that the show operates are:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

About the Show
Throughout the show, traditional Hawaiian storytelling is the star, and Ulalena tells the story of the various waves of arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands over the years. The music and dancing help to create a traditional Hawaiian setting, sharing the story of Hawaii and the culture that is so unique to the islands. If that wasn’t enough, high-flying acrobatics are just one more aspect that makes Ulalena a can't miss show, making this a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern performance that is reminiscent of a Las Vegas show.

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