Ulalena – A Unique Look at Hawaii

Hawaii’s history is very unique, storied, and filled with many events that have helped to define the island’s past. Some events are fabled and remembered fondly, while some of the events of the past are tragic and filled with controversy. Though the bad times are not remembered as favorable as the good times, honoring and remembering are an important part of the island’s history, and bringing the past to life helps to honor the events that shaped the island.

One of the top shows in Hawaii is “Ulalena”, a mystifying performance that tells the story of Hawaii’s history and the various waves of arrivals that the islands have seen throughout the years. Taking place at the historic Maui Theatre, Ulalena combines traditional storytelling, brilliant performance, and mesmerizing acrobatics to create a show unlike any other. Plus, the events that come to life help to show the many phases that have brought cultures together.

Spending just a little time in Hawaii brings to life the various cultures that make up the island, and seeing how the islands were discovered many different times gives great insight to each cultures arrival to the island. From the earliest Polynesian voyagers to Captain Cook, and the arrivals from the Mainland USA, Hawaii has been long defined by its diversity, and seeing that come to life will deepen your appreciation for the history and culture of Hawaii.

Ulalena has quickly become one of the must see shows in Hawaii, and is a great option for a night out in Lahaina. Knowing the history is very important and seeing one of the best performances Hawaii has to offer is a real treat. Audiences are amazed and captivated at each performance, and watching the history of the islands to come to life, with amazing performance, will be one of the highlights of your vacation. Don’t miss out on this great show while visiting Maui!

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