A Brief History of Historic Lahaina Town

Located on the west side of Maui and filled with hundreds of years of history is the town of Lahaina, a historic coastal town that has long been a hub for the island. From the happening Front Street to the historic sites found throughout the area, Lahaina’s roots run deep and its importance to Hawaiian history cannot be understated. Most visitors to the island find at least a little time to check out the town, spending their time shopping, exploring, eating, and taking part in great activities that are based in Lahaina.

Despite knowing the exact details, Lahaina’s history dates back for over 1,000 years, with the most accurate history dating back to the mid-1700s. During the battle for the Hawaiian Islands, King Kamehameha the Great landed on Maui in 1790 and a battle for the island ensued. Eventually, Kamehameha seized control of the island, and is 1802, Maui became the capital of the newly unified Hawaiian Islands. As the capital, the town rose to prominence, with a new palace, royal buildings, and residences constructed to accommodate the government, and locations around town started to build history. Today, more than 60 sites of historic significance can be found around Lahaina.

Lahaina remained as the capital of Hawaii for more than 50 years. In 1845, the capital moved to Honolulu, but Lahaina continued to thrive, with whaling ships from around the world sailing into the harbor and docking, allowing the crew time to explore Maui. The town remained as an important whaling port through the 19th century, and even today, the importance of Lahaina Harbor remains. Many of the top ocean activities on the island originate in Lahaina Harbor, and cruise ships continue to bring visitors to port.

Front Street is known as one of the best streets in the country, with many great shops and restaurants, and frequent festivals and street fairs that show off the local vendors of the island. The historic Maui Theatre is also located in Lahaina, a famous venue that has welcomed many top artists and performances, and is the current home of Ulalena, the impressive evening show that has quickly become the hottest ticket in town.

A visit to Maui is not complete until you've visited the historic tow of Lahaina, and explored the streets that have played a role in Hawaii’s long and storied history. The town is a lot of fun to visit, and departing the harbor is a great way to see the seaside town. Head to Lahaina for a day during your trip to Maui and discover what makes it such a great place to visit.

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