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Exploring the History of Hawaii

The history of Hawaii is an incredible story, told through many years of trials, tribulations, struggles, and tragedy.

Celebrating Hawaiian Culture at Hawaii Evening Shows

Though Hawaii is famous for its incredible beaches and scenery, plus fun-filled activities and great sightseeing, there is also rich history and culture that is as important as anything in Hawaii.

All About Ulalena – The Hottest Show on Maui

When you think of Hawaii, thrilling evening shows may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you are looking for an activity that takes place during the later part of the day, and is perfect for all ages, Ulalena is the show for you.

Authentic Luaus and Fun Evening Shows on Maui

A visit to Maui means that you are looking to enjoy some downtime and everything that the island has to offer. This is one of the most incredible destinations in the world and the island is just downright fun.

Out and About on Maui

With so many great activities on Maui, it often gets lost that just heading out for a day of low-key fun is always a great option.

Maui Activities to Enjoy

We’ve said it before, and this will certainly not be the last time that we say it again, we love Maui. The island is such a special place and there is so much to do that the only way to fit it all in is to make many trips to the island, or to move there permanently.

Exciting Things to Do on Maui

Maui is an incredible vacation destination with a ton of great activities and so much to do that any vacation is going to be too short to get all of it done.

What to Do in Lahaina

Of all the charming and quaint towns in Hawaii, Lahaina is up there as one of the best. Located on Maui’s west side, the town is full of historic landmarks, traditions, and fun.

Maui Activities and Entertainment

Getting ready for a trip to Maui is a very exciting time. The anticipation builds and builds, and the closer that you get to the trip, the more you can contain your excitement.

Top-Rated Maui Shows and Evening Entertainment

The days on Maui are filled with fun in the sun and great activities, while the nights are filled with….what exactly? Of course, you’ll attend an authentic Hawaiian Luau, and will have an evening set aside for dinner at a great restaurant, but there are quite a few nights that you will need to find something to do.

Important Dates in Hawaiian History

As much as we love the beaches and the great tours and activities in Hawaii, there is more the islands that just playtime.

Spend a day on Maui

Everybody has a different idea of the perfect day for a vacation. Some would choose to lounge on the beach and relax, while others want to get out and explore the island, and each is very appropriate for your trip.

What to Do on Maui - Ulalena Maui at the Historic Maui Theatre

Have you ever planned a trip to a new destination, and had trouble finding things to do once you arrive? Though some places might be short of fun activities, there are nearly endless answers to the question, what is there to do on Maui.

Hawaii History: Lahaina, Maui

The town of Lahaina has long been the hub of activity on Maui, where visitors have gathered, residents made their homes, and ships from around the world have docked.

Top Rated Maui Entertainment

By day, Maui is filled with adventure and sightseeing, with many of the most beautiful natural sites that you will ever encounter.

Seating Options for Ulalena at the Historic Maui Theatre

The incredible Maui Theatre is the perfect setting to take in a show or a concert, and the historic venue is a local treasure, located right in the heart of Lahaina.

Fun Things to Do in Lahaina

Lahaina has always been the hub activity on Maui, and even with the rise in population in nearby towns like Kahului and Kihei, the action still happens in Lahaina.

What To Do on Maui? Enjoy Maui’s Top Evening Show

When the sun sets and another day in paradise draws to an end, the island of Maui seems to go to sleep. Sure, There are things going on, like an evening on the town, or a great dinner one of the island’s best restaurants.

Maui’s Nightlife – Shows and Entertainment

As night falls on Maui, the energy changes and the island settles. Gone are the exciting daytime activities and the thrilling adventures that dominate hours in the sun.

All About Ulalena – Maui’s Top Show

The captivating show that has Maui buzzing, and has quickly become the top show in all of Hawaii, is Ulalena.

Ulalena: A Celebration of Hawaiian Culture

As amazing as the incredible scenery and things to do in Hawaii are, the islands are actually known for much more.

Evening Entertainment on Maui

Are you looking for a great night out, with an incredible night show and amazing entertainment? If so, we have the perfect solution, and one of the best options for spending an evening out while visiting the island of Maui.

Enjoy a Maui Evening Show

Maui is a place filled with so much fun and adventure, that your days are likely to be planned out prior to arriving. Amazing natural sites, the most beautiful beaches, and an abundance of hidden waterfalls make the island paradise a place that is just waiting to be explored and discovered.

A Brief History of Historic Lahaina Town

Located on the west side of Maui and filled with hundreds of years of history is the town of Lahaina, a historic coastal town that has long been a hub for the island.

Maui Evening Shows and Luaus

A trip to Maui is not complete until you’ve spent an evening or two out on the town. Following a long day of activities or playing on the beach, you’ll need a way to unwind and enjoy the cool evening temperatures and experience the nightlife, Hawaiian style.

Date Night on Maui

Of all the groups that travel to Maui, couples are among the most common. Sometimes, the couple includes a young child or two, and sometimes it is just a couple that is looking for a getaway.

Ulalena – A Unique Look at Hawaii

Hawaii’s history is very unique, storied, and filled with many events that have helped to define the island’s past. Some events are fabled and remembered fondly, while some of the events of the past are tragic and filled with controversy.

Maui History Lessons on Your Trip

It is no secret that the island of Maui is a whole lot of fun, with great options for activities and fun things to do, and a beautiful setting for your vacation to take place in.

5 Fun Activities on Maui

It is no secret that are some really fun activities on Maui. The island is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and as a popular choice for travelers, the options for activities have become some of the most exciting you can find.